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1998 - 1999

* 10-12 February 1998: 1st Policy Workshop on Developing working models of deliberation and consultation in public policy-making, Beirut Commodore Hotel. This workshop represents one of the activities of the LNF project The Canada-Lebanon Policy Dialogue, which aims at strengthening frameworks, instruments and mechanisms of public policy dialogue between the Lebanese Parliament and the Non-Governmental Organizations, in order to enhance civil society participation in public policy-making.

* 8 & 9 July 1998: 2nd Policy Workshop on Developing a Parliamentary Institute in Lebanon, at the Parliament Building (8 July). This workshop followed by a roundtable (9 July, at LNF offices) will solicit views and ideas of Parliamentarians, advisors and representatives of NGOs and CSOs on the nature and mandate of a Lebanese Parliamentary Institute.

*27 October 1998:Working session between the National Aids Program (NAP) and field workers active inside the prisons on Sexually Transmissible Diseases (SDT) and more specifically the Aids virus, NAP Headquarters. This joint session between the NAP and the LNF was planned for the NGOs member of the newly created Plateform of organizations working inside the prisons and initiated by the Forum. This Plateform aims at improving the conditions of prisoners.

* 2 November 1998: the LNF has organized in collaboration of the International Management and Training Institute (IMTI) a national consultation session at UN ESCWA headquarters in Beirut, on the implementation of the Habitat II Agenda, (particularly the role of NGOs), in preparation for the ESCWA regional conference (24-27 November 1998 - Beirut) on the Follow-up of the City Summit (Istanbul, 1996).

* 28 November 1998:Training Seminar on the application of international mechanisms of protection of Human Rights, in particular those related to the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimation Against Women (CEDAW), UNESCO Headquarters, Bir Hassan. This seminar was held in collaboration of the Service International Pour les Droits de l'Homme - Geneva and at the request of NGOs concerned with women rights and issues.


* 26-27 January 1999: 3rd Policy Workshop on the Parliamentary Committees Frameworks and Mechanisms of Public Consultations, in collaboration with two Parliamentary Committees on Human Rights & Internal Status and on Child Rights, Parliament House.

* 5-6 March 1999: 4th Training Seminar
(supported by the European Commission and in collaboration with the International Management and Training Institute)
Hazmieh, Mount Lebanon 5-6 March 1999:(and completed during a one-day session 10 April 1999) on "the activation of frameworks and mechanisms of decentralization for public participation in policy-making in Lebanon".

* 9-10 June 1999: Seminar on the Alternatives to Emprisonment in collaboration with Penal Reform International (PRI) - France.

* 1st July 1999: Workshop on "The Feasibility and Relevency of Opinion Polls in Lebanon", in collaboration with the European Commission Delegation to Lebanon.
Beirut Commodore Hotel.

* 13, 16 & 17 September 1999: National Conference on "Public Participation in Policy-Making", in collaboration with the European Commission Delegation to Lebanon.The first day of the Conference will be held at the Lebanese Parliament General Assembly and the second and third days will be held at the Beirut Marriott Hotel.