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Besides its cooperation with local coordinating committees, the Forum remains an active member in numerous international coordinating committees that includes NGOs from different regions of the world.

In fact, the Forum is a member in the World Alliance for Citizen Participation in Washington (CIVICUS) and presently on its board, in the International Council of Voluntary Agencies (ICVA), in the International Council of Social work in Geneva (ICSCV), CIVICUS Arab Network, the Arab NGO Network (Cairo), and the Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Network (Copenhagen).
Through these memberships, the Forum plays a crucial role in expressing the views and aspirations of the non-governmental sector in Lebanon; in supporting the Lebanese causes and in striving to respond to the needs of the Lebanese society.
This role was clearly reflected during the Israeli assaults on Lebanon in 1993 and 1996 when the Forum mobilized international organizations urging them to denounce the Israeli ruthless attacks on civilians and forward letters of condemnation to Israel calling upon her government to recognize the lebanese sovereignty and to withdraw from the occupied Lebanese territories.

Furthermore, the Forum succeeded in holding the attention of international organizations on the Lebanese situation by issuing publications and organizing conferences and seminars; by maintaining at the same time close relations with European, American, Australian, and Asian NGOs; and by inviting numerous international delegations to Lebanon, including decision makers of major international NGOs.