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The Forum is constituted of 10 non-governmental organizations that work on the national level and in various fields (social, health, educational, cultural, relief, and environmental sectors ...).
Each association involves a large number of programs and the annual budget for the overall Forum member associations is estimated to be around 50-60 million U.S. Dollars. It should be noted that most of the Forum member associations are umbrella organizations.The following is a brief history about each association:
1- The Humanitarian Associations of Dar El-Fatwa
Charity packs for families assistance, 10 dispensaries plus social and health centers, a program for alleviating needy families and a student-aid program.

2- The Humanitarian Associations of the Higher Shiite-Islamic Council
"Al-Zahraa' hospital", 8 dispensaries in the South and the Bekaa regions, vocational institutes in (Beirut, the South and Bekaa regions), "Saideh Zainab orphanage", an assistance program to needy families, a hospital construction project in the Hermel area, a series of conferences and researches,accommodation for people displaced from the South and the Bekaa regions, publication of "Al-Ghadir" magazine.

3- The Druze Foundation for Social Welfare
The Foundation undertakes a variety of activities under the following programs:
i- Assistance program for the handicapped, orphans and needy families
ii- Assistance Program for the underprivileged families supported by existing cultural, educational and medical institutions
iii- A vocational training program

4- The Lebanese Federation for Child Care
This Federation is constituted of 34 member associations acting in different Lebanese regions; physical educational and child-care. These associations run children park, nurseries, orphanages, social-care institutions and free schools (providing special treatment for the disabled children).

Moreover, the Federation trains youth and volunteers to work with children; as well as, its involvement in their education and in defending and advocating their rights based on the International Convention on Child Rights to which Lebanon has acceded since 1991. In this respect, the Federation is currently initiating studies and research on the situation of children in Lebanon; as well as, organizing seminars and conferences on child issues and about the implementation of the Convention in Lebanon.

5- Young Men's Christian Association (YMCA)
It operates the following programs on all the Lebanese territories:
a- Rehabilitation and rural development program
b- Intensive vocational training program for men and women in Agriculture, Industry and Construction c- The sick and chronically-ill management program
d- Education on Democracy program
e-Consultations and Training program through the International Management and Training Institute IMTI ( a YMCA division).

6-Humanitarian Associations of Greek- Orthodox Arch-Bishopric of Beirut
"Saint Georges Hospital" (one of the biggest and most enhanced Lebanese hospitals), a group of dispensaries, an elderly-home center, a school's compound, a needy families aid-program and a student's aid program.

7- Humanitarian Associations of Greek-Catholic Community Council
"Mar-Semaan orphanage",a technical school,"El-Moukhales" school, "Saint Antoine Center" for the elderly people, a needy families aid program, a student's aid program and a hospitalization program.

8-Humanitarian Institutions of the Evangelical Synod of Syria and Lebanon
A compound of schools, "The Hemlin Hospital", an orphanage, a needy families aid program, a hospitalization and a health aid program.

9- Humanitarian Institutions of the Lebanese Monastic Order
"Université Saint Esprit","Mary's Muanaat Hospital", a free schooling compound,"The Hospitality Home" and a displaced aid program.

10- The Lebanese Welfare Association for the Handicapped
The Association runs its operations from its centers in Beirut, Tyre, Baalbeck, Nabatieh, Suhmur and from Nabih Berri's compound for the disabled in Sarafand and it provides following services: health and physical therapy, dental care laboratory, manufacturing of artificial limbs, social care and vocational rehabilitation for the handicapped. Also, the Association conducts relief and emergency programs carried out by a large number of volunteers.