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  1. June 1998

    • 13 June 98:
      The return of the displaced is being guided by the moods of certain officials rather than a concrete financial policy, according to Chouf MP Wadih Akl, who is pushing for the process to be speeded up.
      But he praises the minister of the displaced for his efforts to return those forced out of their homes during the war.
      He criticized the disparity between compensation for the displaced people and for those who often had no legitimate reason to occupy buildings during the war.

    • 22 June 98:
      Minister for the displaced accused Prime Minister Hariri of holding back funds which would ensure a complete return of the displaced.
      "No matter how important the speeches made in Washington may be, and despite the importance of UN Resolution 425, the return of the displaced remains a basic condition to ensuring Lebanon's unity.

    • 29 June 98:
      Doubts about the scheduled holding this weekend of a national conference on supporting the return of the displaced prompted promises by progressive Socialist Party (PSP) and phalange officials that the event will take place on schedule.
      The aim of the conference is to draw attention to the mobilization of efforts and to put them at the ministry's disposal so that it will be able to execute the projects it has been preparing. The conference's second aim is for local reconciliation to assume its full dimension so that all political and other powers concerned can take up active participate in the process.

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