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Lebanese newspapers (English/French)

· Peter Speetjens, "Caritas Provides Help for Migrants of All Nations", the Daily Star, January 20,· Reem Haddad, "Race Hate: Hurled From a Window for Being Black", the Daily Star, July 27, 1998.

· Scarlett Haddad, "La grande détresse des domestiques sri-lankais au Liban", L'Orient-Le Jour, July 30,1998.
· Reem Haddad, "Housekeeper Says Policemen Tried to Beat Confession Out of Her", the Daily Star, October 6, 1998.


Reconstruction drastically changes the traditional Lebanese landscape

· Julie Hannouche, "Modern-day Slavery: A Maid in Lebanon," the Daily Star, November 21, 1998.

· Reem Haddad, "Debate Raging Over Insuring Sri Lankans", the Daily Star, June 19, 1999.

· Reem Haddad, "Sri Lankans Sort Out Their Insurance Problem", the Daily Star, July 27, 1999.

· Reem Haddad, "The Safety Net for Those Who Have Furthest to Fall", the Daily Star, April 21, 2000.

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Foreign newspapers (published in France )

· Thierry Parisot, "Quand l'immigration tourne à l'esclavage", Le Monde diplomatique, Juin 1998, pp.20-21.

· Marie-Odile et Xavier Favre, "Trafic de 'servantes' à Beyrouth," Le Monde diplomatique, Juin, 1998, page 20.

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· "A Profile of Sustainable Human Development in Lebanon", United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), January 1997.

· Mirella Abdel Sater, "Les conditions de détention et d'expulsion des travailleurs étrangers au Liban", prepared for a Caritas seminar entitled: Refugees, Migrants and Displaced: Realities and Responses, February 11, 1998.

· David McMurray, "Recent Trends in Middle East Migration", Middle East Report, Spring 1999, pp.16-19.

· "Keeping Migrant Workers in Check: The Kafala System in the Gulf", Middle East Report, Summer 1999, pp.20-22.

· Reem Haddad, "A Modern-Day 'Slave Trade': Sri Lankan Workers in Lebanon," in Middle East Report, Summer 1999, pp.39-41.

· Michael Young, "Migrant Workers in Lebanon", published by the Lebanese NGO Forum, Beirut, 1999.

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