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Etats Arabes And International Instruments

Arab States and international instruments
relating to refugees

The two main instruments

- Convention relating to the Status of Refugees (August 30,1951)
- Protocol relating to the Status of Refugees (January 31, 1967)

Arab States party to the
Convention & Protocol

Following are the dates of registration of State parties. In conformity with the second paragraph of its article 43, the Convention comes into force the 90th day following the registration date. The first column of the table represents the date of the adherence to the Convention, the second to the Protocol.

Algeria Feb 21, 1963 Nov 08, 1968
Egypt May 22, 1981 May 22, 1981
Iran Jul 28, 1976 Jul 28, 1976
Morocco Nov 07, 1956 Apr 20, 1971
Tunisia Oct 24, 1957 Oct 16, 1968
Yemen Jan 18, 1980 Jan 18, 1980

Non-signatory Arab States

Middle East: Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Oman, Qatar, Syria, and Yemen

Africa: Libya

Out of the 17 Arab countries, only 6 ratified the international conventions relating to refugees. Out of the 13 countries of the Middle East, only two ratified the above-mentioned conventions.

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